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Getting to know the team:
James Barrett, Head of Professional Risks

Can you describe what your current role involves?

I lead the Professional Risks team at New Dawn Risk. The team specialises in the placement and negotiation of a variety of professional liability insurance sectors, primarily assisting professional service firms and healthcare facilities in the US.

What is your favourite insurance fact?

A Chinese insurer offered “heartbreak” insurance for fans at the 2014 FIFA World Cup whose teams were knocked out of the tournament.

What did you do before joining New Dawn Risk?

I joined New Dawn Risk straight after graduating with a BSc in Economics from Kingston University.

Tell us one thing about your career we didn’t know:

In between meetings on a business trip to the US, I won a foot race wearing flip-flops that set a Guinness World Record for the largest group of runners in flip-flops. Sadly, it has since been beaten by a group in Spain…

What are your hobbies outside of work?

The pandemic has made me hit the pause button on most hobbies but being at home a lot has given me more opportunities to cook and bake. I’m really looking forward to traveling and getting out to see live music over the summer.