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Getting to know the team: Aditya Singh, Treaty Analyst

Can you describe what your current role involves?

I am currently a Treaty Analyst at New Dawn Risk. My team specialises in the structuring, negotiating and placement of treaties, spanning multiple classes of business such as casualty, crop, cyber and even parametric solutions.

What is your favourite insurance fact?

So I found this out quite recently – apparently, during the early 19th century, movie-goers were so scared of dying due to excessive laughter that they bought insurance through Lloyd’s of London. Definitely wasn’t expecting to hear that…

What did you do before joining New Dawn Risk?

I joined New Dawn Risk just after graduating from University College London with a Masters degree in Financial Mathematics.

Tell us one thing about your career we didn’t know:

I made the mistake of planning a business trip to the Middle East during the peak of Ramadan and had to starve myself until the end of the day to make sure I wasn’t being impolite to some of my clients!

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy playing tennis and it’s something I’ve picked up once again during the lockdown.  I tried my hand at the ukulele as well but gave up due to a lack of any musical talent!