Management liability and financial institutions

Management liability

In the UK, business managers have a duty of care to shareholders, employees and customers. They are required to carry out their duties and communicate on corporate affairs ethically, legally, and accurately and in the best interests of their stakeholders. When they are perceived to have failed in these duties, they can become the target of litigation, employment tribunals, or regulatory or criminal investigations.

As regulations are tightened and the UK becomes increasingly litigious, the actions of corporate entities have come under even greater scrutiny. Businesses and senior leaders may now find themselves liable for acts they had not previously considered, so having the right protection in place is crucial now more than ever.

A range of insurance products exists to protect corporate entities and their directors, officers, trustees, and other managers from such liability, including:

Directors’ and Officers’
Directors’ and officers’ insurance provides financial protection for senior managers of businesses, protecting them from claims made against them personally in their capacity as a director or officer.  The coverage provides support for legal costs, fines or compensation claims.

Corporate Legal Liability
Corporate legal liability is cover for claims brought against your business regarding alleged unlawful activities performed by the business itself or by its employees. Claims arise not only from unlawful activities but even from a perceived failure to act.

Employment Practices Liability
Employment practices liability provides coverage for businesses against employees who allege that their legal rights as an employee have been violated. This includes claims for acts such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and breach of contract.

Financial institutions insurance

Financial Institutions have a unique set of insurance requirements which demands expert knowledge to be able to identify these nuances and ensure that you are appropriating protecting your organisation.

We help a range of Financial Institutions with these specific requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Asset Managers
  • Foreign Exchange Traders
  • Investment Advisors
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