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Getting to know the team:
Max Carter, CEO

Favourite insurance fact

That the term ‘underwriter’ comes from exactly that; someone who wrote their name under the terms of an early insurance contract (usually executed in Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House).

Best risk or deal you have ever placed

I’m very proud to have been involved in setting up the new United Arab Emirates employment guarantee insurance scheme which has already insured 3,500,000 workers in its first twelve months.

Tell us one thing about New Dawn Risk that we don’t know

When choosing the name of the company, we wanted something that reflected our ambition to bring something new and fresh to a very old and often staid industry; and a name that can be easily translated into any other language and that was totally different to anything else in our market.

What is your hobby outside work?

I can’t really call it a hobby, because I don’t spend enough time doing it, but I love sailing and hope to do more of it!